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Thanks to our customer demand-oriented activities, we can manufacture any requested equipment one-by-one or as a whole; and thanks to demands by our customers and our experience, we build the most appropriate, productive and economic facilities. You can carry out on flat ground without Pallet thanks to our OYBM12 Mobile Block Facilities. You can acquire whichever product you like by choosing moulds for Curb, Hollow Block and Block from our catalog; besides, we can produce moulds for product types that are not in our catalog but you propose.

 OYBM12 Equipments for Mobile Block Facility
OBM1500 Concrete Mixer 
Sand Belt Conveyor (Width: 700mm Length: 11m) 
Sand Weighing Belt (Width: 800mm Length: 6m) 
Cement Conveyors and Weighing System 
Sand Reservoirs (2x10m³=20m³) 
Control System Board 
Compressor (500lt) 

Lower vibrator type

Special vibrate with outer weight


Lower vibrator motor

4x1.5 kw


Upper vibrator type

Special vibrate with inner weight


Upper vibrator motor

2x2.2 kw


Hydraulic pump motor

11 kw


Hydraulic pump flow-rate

34 lt / dak


Hydraulic operating pressure

130 bar


Oil reservoir volume

150 lt


Mortar bunker capacity

1000 lt


Control Type

Manual (semi automatic)


Track Motor

5.5 kw



0.36 m/sn


Rotation Motor

1x0.75 kw


Rotation Speed

0.1 m/sn


Machine Weight

4000 kg


Minimum Product Height

15 cm


Maximum Product Height

25 cm



380 volt ; 3 Phase


Operating system

Hydraulic + Vibration


Available printing area

850*1050 mm


Machine electric power

32 kw


Products in Single Clutch



Block  (190x390x190mm.)

12 Pieces


Block  (150x390x190mm.)

14 Pieces


Block  (100x390x190mm.)

22 Pieces


Production Capacity (8 hours)



Block  (190x390x190mm.)

11.500 Pieces


Block  (150x390x190mm.)

13.000 Pieces


Block  (100x390x190mm.)

21.000 Pieces



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