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Grid screen is primarily used for two reasons;

A- In order to separate the material by-passed through the material going to primary crusher from all- in material. Placed between the feeder and the primary crusher
B- Bypasses the thin material after primary crusher and eliminates it from going through the secondary crusher. Placed in front of the secondary crusher.

A type grid screen provides linear vibration by being activated with 2 vibro engines.
B type grid screen is activated by eccentric mil bedded in the screen body with special bearings, and two eccentric weight on both ends of the bearing through a separate electric engine, belt- frame system just like the way in the conventional screen. They display CYCLIC vibration.
Grids are made up of Mn rate alloy “authenistic” steel; spaces of the grid can easily be adjusted and thus the size of the material is changed.
  mm t/h   kw/rpm kg
PI10-20 1000x2000 70-150 2 2x4/1000 3320
PI12-20 1200x2000 100-200 2 2x5,5/1000 4280
PI12-30 1200x3000 200-300 2 2x7,5/1000 5150
PI14-30 1400x3000 200-350 2 2x7,5/1000 6200
PI19-30 1900x3000 400-1000 2 2x11/1000 8100
PI Feeding Selection Unit
The Best Primary Feeder to Select Small Grain Material
  • Better sort out of small particles means the better performance of the crusher, which is the next step. Feeder PI unit is made up of separate bottom feeder and separate double layer vibrating screen..
Strong Direction with Changeable Capacity
  • Pi units provide the material input to feed the primary crusher in the maximum level in changing feeding conditions and thus increases the total raw material input amount of the primary crushing stations.
  • Separate screen unit provides the effective sort out of the input through fast separation of the particles. It provides high level of implementation even in competing material input, which is difficult to be sort out through screen.
  • The fact that flow control can be adjusted through the tonnage provided by the crusher in the next level, it displays a better flow control when compared to vibrating lama grid feeders.
  • One Piece Installation
  • By using tilted side plate corners total height can be adjusted to minimum level and available feeding storage volume can be increased to maximum level.
  • Despite the use of 4 ea engines, energy consumption is at the minimum level.
  • Through the low level excess activity during the start or stop of the each PI unit, relatively low level dynamic loads emerge.
Dimension Sort Out Through Effective Fast Scraping
  • Since the length of the feeder and the length of the impact are operated separately in terms of the impact screen provides the best sort out and accordingly engine speed is adjusted to the best conditions and effective selection together with sorting small particles is provided.
  • Upper screen layer is made up of 2 lama grid sections in order to provide fast selection and eliminate blocking the grid hole.
  • Low layer screen placed in the lower part is manufactured from tightened screen material and though tilted design easy sort out of the small particles is provided.
  • Linear movement vibration and direction level provides the required force in order to prevent the block of the wire spaces forming the screen material.
Minimum Operating Cost
  • Minimum operating cost for both feeder and the screen through the use of solid and well-balanced engines.
  • In order to provide convenient replacement of the corroded priming material, durable priming material is attached through nuts is attached to the side walls of the upper selecting layer together with bottom feeder.
PI special extra heavy design
  • It is equipped with corrosion durable priming and grids made up of manganese steel alloy, which can be replaced separately if necessary.
  • Spring bobbin systems are implemented in heavy duty types in order to absorb (digest) the impact in a better way.


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