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Tek-El crushing selecting department provides you with the qualified feeders through a rich product catalog. However this is not the whole thing. Most of our sales representatives have long-term hands on experience with these feeders and well qualified to assist your company in picking the right equipment. When you just need a product or a complete solution for your company, Tek-el will not only provide you with the required product but also prepare the project in such a way to assist you in the best way from the first day of the installation of the product.

This establishment named as Tek-el has been designing, producing, supplying and providing before and after sales service for these feeders for its customers active in mining and construction (sand, asphalt, aggregate etc.) in any part of the world for more than 30 years.
  mm mm t/h kw/rpm kg
TB52-25 520 2500 80-100 2X3/1500 6300
TB85-30 850 3000 150-200 2X4/1000 8800
TB94-40 940 4000 200-250 2X5,3/1000 11100
TB12-50 1200 5000 200-300 2X7,5/1000 14700
TB13-50 1370 5000 300-400 2X9,2/1000 26000
TB14-55 1400 5500 400-500 2X11/1000 33000
TB18-55 1800 5500 600-1000 2X15/1000 40000

TB Series Heavy Duty Mechanism Lama Grid
High Capacity Feeding and High Speed Sorting

  • It is designed for high capacity applications from 300 t/ hour to 1400 t/ hour in primary and secondary feeding applications.
  • The fact that they have low profile results in the low cost of TB feeders.
  • Volume of the standard feeder storage is 25- 45 m3 and the maximum feeding dimension is up to 1500 mm.

Desired performances can be obtained due to high adjustment characteristics

  • Lama grid spaces are adjustable
  • Convenient adjustment of the impact length through excess corresponding weights
  • Geared wheel transfer system provides convenient adjustment of the impact angle
  • Spring base (level) for training mode
  • Optional electricity or hydraulic speed (capacity) system

Minimum Repair and Maintenance Convenience

  • Double bearing mechanism with heavy-duty capacity operates on geared operates through long term service period oil bath system.
  • Corrosion durable thick plates are placed on the surfaces exposed to corrosion
  • It has convenient mechanism for easy replacement and maintenance

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