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Jaw Adjusted IMPACT CRUSHERS is a crusher type that breaks the medium and hard materials (limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt etc.) in asphalt and concrete aggregate size. Ability to be fed with bulk material, cubic product, high reducing size, low investment and operation costs make this type of crushers the ideal secondary crushers in crushing and screening facilities.

Crushing process occurs in two steps. Material fed to the crusher first hits the palettes on the rotor and scattered to primary crushing plates. Material that can pass the primary crushing part then will be collided to the secondary crushing plates and second step of the crush process realized. Product size is controlled by adjusting the distance between the secondary crushing plate and palettes.

Low corrosion cost and high reduction rate are obtained since the process is performed through the impact of the collision without breaking, crushing or compressing procedures.

Easy maintenance is one of the most important advantages of this type of crushers. Opening system of the hydraulic body, external adjustment of the crushing plates, easy and quick palette and priming change make this type of crushers convenient for worksite environment. 

Pendulum adjusted IMPACT CRUSHERS are manufactured mobile on fixed or semi-trailer.
  mm mm t/h kw/rpm kg
SDK12-10 1200x1000 250 130-170 132/1500 14300
SDK12-14 1200x1400 400 250-300 200/1500 19500
SDK12-16 1200x1600 500 350-400 250/1500 23300
SDK12-20 1200x2000 550 400-450 3150/1500 27000

Rotor (l):
Rotor is designed in a fairly strong way through mostly cast welded construction. It is made up of steel cast discs placed on processed bearings made up of quality steel, bearings, and palette holders.
Palettes (2) :
Made up of several different alloys in accordance with the corrosion ability of the material to be crushed as manganese or high chromium cast. Corrosion of the palettes enables the use of the 4 corners, therefore palettes have strong durability. Replacement of the palettes can be completed in a short period of time due to cradle system.
Beddings (3) :
Rotor bearing is bedded on the external body through self axis movable bobbin bearings. Bearings are protected with special labyrinth mats against dust.
Collision Plate Adjustment Rods (4):
Ends of the adjustment rods extend outside the body and positions of the lower ends are adjusted through external interference.
Collision Plates (5):
Secondary collision plates are attached to fixed joints on their upper sides, and the lower ends are released and held with adjustment screws. Adjustment of the lower plate is provided through the spring mechanism and this determines the product size. This feature does not require a grid to control the product size and width of the exit end enables the flow of the crushed mechanism easily. At the same time spring protects the rotor and the crusher when unbreakable hard material is fed to the machine.
Collusion Plate Priming (6):
It is manufactured from manganese cast material mounted to the back sheet. Accordingly almost all priming can be corroded. Depending on the hardness and corrosion of the crushed material, it can be manufactured from high chromium cast.


Body of the crusher is made up of two parts. Lower body carries the beddings and the rotor, and upper body carries the secondary crushing plate and adjustment block. Right and left pistons rotate through the axis of the bobbins from the lower body and opens as tumbling from the lower body.
Hydraulic Body Opening System:
Easy maintenance in the crusher is provided with body’s opening and closing with two hydraulic cylinders.

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