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Used in the production of concrete aggregates, aggregate supply unit in a bunker must be installed by the installer. The inlet side of the cost of conventional methods for the installation of a loading ramp aggregate bunker would be created. Stock pile bucket loader operator climbs the ramp and aggregate bunker filling poured into the bucket again and the cycle goes on like this would come down to fill. gmm manufacturing unit with aggregate supply, and each time also there is no need to create a ramp ramp lift operators do not need to go out. So the system is very low operation and maintenance costs.


Main Equipment and Facilities:


Trailer Chassis:
220 St-44 is made of IPE profiles. King Pin diameter 2 "is.


Shipping Dimensions Width: 2450 mm, Length: 12 250 mm, Height: 4.000mm respectively.


Leaf springs are mounted on a single axle. (290 mm x 290 mm x 2000 mm) Accordance with the regulations and the brake system is equipped with lighting tools. Single axle 277-265 R 19.5 tires are size 2.


All metal surfaces are cleaned after welding after the last coat of paint, apply primer.


Geometric volume of 5 m3 is designed to be 4 mm. St-37 is manufactured using thick. Ø 16 mm, with the upper surface of the bunker gear made of steel, 100 mm x 100 mm mesh spacing, and coarse material is not allowing the screen.

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