Our company delivers manual block making machine  for paving, curbstone and manual manual block making machine  equipments for production, to manual block making machine plants  single manual block making machine. supplies manual  block making machine layout design, manual block making machine operator training and after sales service.Manual block making machine production lines export to  African continent especially to South Africa.

Our company manufacturing and exporting to African continent manual  block making machine for construction use. Our factory for manufacturing of manual  block making machine is established in Trabzon-Turkey. With our manual block making machine you can produce paving stone, curbstones. For manufacturing blocks you can use our manual, semi automatic or fully automatic block making mini or maxi plant systems. All of our manual block making machine realize highly successive operation with hydraulic and vibrated system to produce concrete blocks. We have from easy manual  block making machine to the fully automatic block machine maxi plant systems. Whit these systems you also can produce colour paving blocks, curbstones and chimney blocks.

Assambling of the manual block making machine systems provide by our company freely all over the world. If there is an  failure we guarantee to intervene between 70 - 120 hours all over the world. For the manual block making machine we provide a guarantee of 2 years. To see the new technology of producing blocks today please visit our web site where you will find  our various types of manual  block making machine and pictures, videos and prices. You also can visit our factory in Trabzon, Turkey we will be glade to host you in our country. Waiting to your visit, best regards.

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