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 concrete brickmaking machines, Our brickmaking machines  produces  quality of concrete products, our moulds form various products  built  the most spectacular buildings and walkways.

Our brickmaking machines are also producing any type of curbstone,paving blocks road edges,embossed stones  chimney blocks etc. We are manufacturing our brickmaking machines in Turkey and exporting them globally, especially to African and Asian countries.

Our company producing the best brickmaking machines in Trabzon-Turkey and exporting  to the most of the African countries also to South Africa. The energy policy is also importend for our brickmaking machines.  The brickmaking machines we produce are manual, semi automatic and fully automatic brickmaking machines , we also producing egg laying brickmaking machines for the small manufacturer.

South Africa is one of the most sophisticated, diverse and promising emerging markets globally to export brickmaking machines.

South Africa has enormous potential as an investment destination, offering a unique combination of highly developed first-world economic infrastructure with a vibrant emerging market economy.

By exporting our brickmaking machines  we need a stable policy for doing business and sale our brickmaking machine in South African market. Our brickmaking machines are in various types and capacity to order like producing between 2.000- 18.000 bricks-blocks in one daily shift of 8 hours. The brickmaking machine are capable to work 24 hours, that means you can produce three shifts bricks-blocks in one day. If you want to see our brickmaking machine or brickmaking machines details types and prices please visite our website If you have any questions about the brickmaking machines please contact us directly or sent a mail for ordering brickmaking machine, we will respond immedately. The installation of brickmaking machine we perform freely at your place. By brickmaking machine failures we guarentee to intervene domesticly 48 globally in 120 hours.

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