28-08-2015 15:15
Hydraulic Block Making Machine

Our range is available at markets  most suitable price especially in the African Continent.

Beysanmak offers hydraulic concrete block making machines. Any type of concrete blocks can be produced with consistent quality using different types of concrete mould in the machine.

 Our machinery is known for its high quality and robust and solid range in the African Market.

Our and serial hydraulic block making machines has all the technical requirements to ensure a reliable and economical production of high quality concrete elements. It is easy to use and we give training for the operator who will use the machine and provide the necessary maintanence.

Egg laying hydraulic block making machine for the small investor in the African Continent.

Our hydraulic block making machine offers the production of the whole range of building materials as concrete interlocking paving blocks, curb stones, concrete solid blocks, concrete bricks, concrete hollow blocks and garden blocks.

We also manufacture hydraulic concrete block making machine on wheels. Concrete hydraulic block making machine lays blocks on a concrete floor and move to the next position. This process eliminates the need of production pallets. The mould is moved by hydraulic cylinders, which creates a much stronger block and use less cement. Any type of blocks can be produced with consistent quality and desired shape. Hydraulic block making machine can be used to produce hollow block, solid blocks, concrete bricks, embossed stones and insulated concrete blocks.

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